Amrit Sakti Rasayan

99.00 INR / piece
Min Order

50 piece


145.00 INR



Amrit Sakti Rasayan 100% Natural It is heaving natural and fresh ingredients ayurvedic medicine. Useful to gradually stimulate sex centers. Increases Libide, Enhance lost virils power for satisfactor sexual performance and accelerates metabolism. Enhancing decreased virile desire, ensuring desired and intimates marriage relations. AMRIT SAKTI RASAYAN is powerful, attracive and rejuvenating.  It is safe and completely free from side effects.

  •  Net Weight 150 Grm

  • Expiry 2 year of manufacture

  • Extra Detail  100% pure harbal  

Organization Name Business Type Location
Rajasthan Ayurved Sansthan Manufacturing / Factory New colony Tungri Chaibasa, Jharkhand - 833201