Close Up Toothpaste Red, 300 g

119.00 INR / PCS
Min Order

1000 PCS


144.00 INR



  • Experience the ultimate fresh burst of freshness from Closeup
  • Closeup Red Hot helps you get upto 12 hours of fresh breath*
  • This shiny gel infused with active zinc mouthwash helps you get the best sparkling white smile
    The Close Up Red toothpaste features an active red formula that fights bad breath, plague and other teeth-related problems to give you healthy white teeth with just a few uses. It kills about 99.9% of germs in your mouth and gives you a fresh breath instantly. It is available in a 300g tube.


Organization Name Business Type Location
Total Elevation Impex Import / Export / Tradin Company UPADHYAY HOUSE NEW COLONY TUNGRI chaibasa - 833201